In the late 1930's, Ray and Charles Eames were artists even before they met at the Michigan Cranbrook School of Art. While Ray was studying art with painter Hans Hoffman, Charles, already a practicing architect was also an accomplished painter and etcher. Having met at Cranbrook, the two married and came to Santa Monica, California in 1941, setting up their long-term design office at 901 Washington Boulevard. From there they worked as the pioneering design team of Ray and Charles Eames.

oil painting by Charles Eames, 1930

original Eames Office guache picturing Charles, Ray, and employees of the Eames Office

Photograph of Isamu and Shirley Noguchi, photographed outside of the living room of the Eames House, 1950

Original Eames photograph of the interior of the Eames House (with a Calder sculpture), circa. 1950

Original photograph by Charles Eames

Original Eames Office photograph of Phil Lewis's birthday party at the Eames Office, circa. 1950

oil painting done by Charles Eames in 1930 in Mexico

Original photograph by Charles Eames

Photograph by Charles Eames of 901 Washington Blvd., Santa Monica, the street where the Eames Office is located, 1949

Original photographs by Charles Eames of "The Toy," (unused publicity photos), 1950
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