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The original version of Mathematica: A World of Numbers and beyond... was installed in 1961 at the Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry in Exposition Park. This marvelous, elegant, and entertaining exhibition gives a real flavor of the fun of mathematics. As Charles observed, it was intended to enlighten the amateur without embarrassing the specialist. That standard of working successfully at both levels was critical to the Eameses. (The IBM Math Peep Shows --Symmetry, Eratosthenes, Topology, Functions, 2n--on Volume 4 of the Eames Films were created for this exhibition.) That particular installation of Mathematica was the longest running corporate sponsored permanent installation in the world until its close on January 31, 1998. However, two identical copies of the exhibition were made by the Eames Office in the sixties. Click here to visit the Mathematica section of the Exploratorium website for more information.

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