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Since 1978, I have been a serious collector and historian of objects designed or produced by Ray and Charles Eames, the Eames Office, and the Herman Miller Company. During this time I have seen the interest in these designers work grow immensely and I know that there are many other people who appreciate Twentieth Century Modern Design and who share my enthusiasm for the Eames' creative contributions.

This site is an Eames fansite, in which we will share the more obscure facts, details and connections of all things Eames. This site is based on the research and collecting I have done of Eames things for the last 23 years.

This web site is not meant to be the definitive site on the creative work of designers Ray and Charles Eames...for that type of detailed and well recorded information, we recommend the official Eames Office web site (eamesoffice.com). or any of the well researched and informative Eames books available from their bookshop, including the new 350-page catalog for the current Tokyo Eames Design exhibition curated by myself and Taka Kosaka.

The purpose of this site is to share Eames things from my personal collection, and to provide a forum for the exchange and gathering of knowledge, histories, images, objects and recollections related to the design work of Ray and Charles Eames and their contemporaries. This site is a new project and will continue to grow. We hope to include areas for all facets of Eames collecting--including more categories for research, restoration and vintage repair parts for your older Eames items. Below is a description of our current sections of Eames things...

I particularly like to collect Eames "moments." Moments are interesting facts, details and stories that make up some of the Eames "connections" one finds in the history of the design world. A lot of the moments are bits of useful information that I have found while doing research on the work of Ray and Charles Eames. In eames moments you will find interesting and little known facts about the Eameses as found in vintage Pop Culture as well as revealing stories related by friends, co-workers and acquaintances of the Eames. Other written articles located in Eames Moments will contain original information and research material that, along with other information found throughout this site, will help with placing a reasonable production date on your Eames chair or other Eames objects.

The articles 1940-70 pages will give you a growing list of original vintage published articles written about the work of Ray and Charles Eames. Many of these early articles are obscure and help to document the details of the Eames' work in a very informative way. For research purposes, all vintage articles are presented with the original issue cover, complete text, and the original illustrations. For other original Eames articles written or illustrated by the Eameses, click on the collection pages where you will find a changing selection of some of the more obscure vintage Eames objects and furniture from the collection, along with brief product histories. Also on the collection pages, you will find original examples of early artwork by Charles and early Eames Office photographs along with examples from Ray's graphic design side of the Eames Office.

Several photo albums from the different Eames themed exhibitions can be viewed in the eames exhibits pages. These are exhibitions I have curated from my mid-century design collection including the Eames Connections exhibit at the SF Airport Museum and the Eames Design retrospective I recently curated in Japan. If you are a museum curator or gallery director, this is also a good section to view the scope of the collection available for loan.

On the eames films pages you will find a nearly complete title list and synopsis of over 100 Eames films as well as a list of older
Hollywood films that are interestingly Eames “connected” or inspired.

Links to other Eames related sites can be found on the eames links page. These sites can be useful if you are trying to find further information about the Eameses, Eames Office or the current availability of Eames things. Please feel free to suggest any possible links that would be of direct interest to Eames fans and collectors, and if you would like to add our Eames site to your links page, please feel free to do so.

I have also added a link to my small shop. I own the Modern i, one of the oldest mid-century design furnishing shops that since 1978 has been buying and selling the work and furnishings of artists, architects, craftspeople and designers who worked in postwar America. Out of this grew my collection of Eames Things. This Eames collection has been shared with a small appreciative audience through bi-annual Eames exhibitions at the Modern i, and portions of the collection have been exhibited internationally, as well. I have created this Eames collectors' website in order to share this design collection with the growing audience of Eames fans on the Internet.

I greatly enjoy hearing and documenting the stories and memories of those who were part of the creative scene from the 1940's through 1960's. I have added an easy contact link for getting in touch with us.

I am always looking for any Eames related things to post on this website and I am ALWAYS interested in ANY Eames, Eames Office or Herman Miller related things you might have for sale. We buy furniture, photos, scrapbooks, catalogs, films, factory made items, samples, paper items and other Eames or Eames Office related items. Also, at my shop, The Modern I 1950’s Shop in San Anselmo, California, I buy libraries of books magazines and reference files from retiring artists, architects, designers and advertising artists, or anyone with a creative side. We do travel out of state for design collections and libraries.

I am also interested in helping other design researchers, collectors, dealers and museums find that right Eames design example and have a growing network of collectors and dealers working with me for over 20 years. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests.

--Steven Cabella

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